You’ve escaped, and you think the world’s a huge place, and you can hide anywhere, right? I’m here to tell you… that world? I own it. Your world is getting smaller by the second. And you can’t hide anywhere from me. Every database, every security cam, and every police band has my fingerprints on it. Every moment you’re out the noose pulls tighter. And Savant, just in case it’s not crystal clear by now… Nobody messes with my partner.



there’s a comic book store in my town that gives ladies a 10% discount and the people who work there are really friendly so lots of ladies show up to hang out and buy comics and one time i was looking through some new releases and this guy walked in, saw all the ladies, did a double take, and said really loudly and condescendingly, ‘there sure are a lot of girls in here for a comic store!’ and laughed but no one else laughed with him and it was glorious



Critically-acclaimed mobile gaming app Doctor Who: Legacy has launched it’s first series 8 content. 

The first new content based on Season 8 of Doctor Who, “Deep Breath”, is live now in game in the Specials tab, available as easy/medium/hard, and the first successful completion will result in your own Twelfth Doctor for the TARDIS!  Also, a new expert mode version, “The 12th” is now in the Expert mode menu.

And here is the code for the new Jenny costume from Deep Breath:  9457-7556-4982-3899

If you haven’t played Doctor Who: Legacy, you can find it on the Amazon Appstore, Google Play and iTunes





You would think that teenagers would be the rudest customers when really it’s mostly old, middle-aged people. 


The elderly are either adorable or the wrinkly reincarnation of Satan there is no in between






Can we talk about how Hairspray is a story where a not-conventionally-attractive girl gets the hot guy in the end without having to Become “Pretty.” Because we need more stories like that.

It’s also story about breaking down the barriers of racism which we also need more of.

And it’s about nice hair and cheesy dance moves, more things we need more of

It’s a movie where John Travolta plays a chic, which we need more of